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New vehicles lose thousands of dollars in value the very minute you drive it off the car lot! If you buy a good quality used vehicle, you keep that money in your pocket. We have years of experience in finding just the right car or truck at the best prices.

Here's how it works. You come in, sit down and tell us what you want. We will go and find it for you. You don't have to spend hours searching roadsides, classifieds, and the message boards. Instead, you sit back and relax waiting for us to call you.

Here are some good deals we have already found...

Dodge Durango
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2004 Dodge Durango "SLT"

Color: silver

Miles: 27,000

Price: $21,900.00

5.7 Hemi V-8. Third seat, Leather, Dual Air-Heat, Factory Warranty!

Dodge Durango
Dodge Durango
Dodge Durango