Sprint/Nextel Cellular Service

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Positive solutions for a confusing, technical necessity for today's businesses and modern families.

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Nextel Cellular Today, cell phones are considered necessary both for personal use and business. Think about it. Can you really afford to be unavailable when you are not "in the office"? Do you really want your family and loved ones to be unable to call for help if something goes wrong? Isn't it convenient to be able to contact your significant other when you want to? Today, cell phones enable us to do all of the above and more.

i870 PhoneOnly Nextel offers you FREE nationwide two-way. Sprint/Nextel Cellular offers today's most advanced cellular phones, and we offer them at the lowest prices possible.

All of this technology is of no use if you don't i836 Phoneknow what you need or want. Our greatest service is our ability to sit down with you and take the time to help you decide what you need in cellular communications. We will help you design a plan that suits your needs, then show you how to use your new phone and accessories.

Jaccar also offers a full line of accessories, including batteries, power cords, data and communications, and "hands free" sets that comply with the new Chicago cell phone laws.